The Exclusive Executive Registry

If you wish to be made aware of seasonal and new product availabilty we encourage you to join our Executive Registry. Presence here will assure that we can keep you abreast of seasonal availability for many of our exclusive products as well as provide advance notice so you have time to prepare for special events and holidays. There is no fee for being on this list but the value is that we will help you stay ahead of your schedule and prepared for seasonal events and share special ideas that can only come from the confectioners and snack specialists here at Christopher Chocolates.

Please join us today using the form below.

We assure you that we keep this list very private. We do not share this list or any of its contents with anyone. This list is only for the purpose of keeping in contact and providing information to our most valued clients.


Where we are

Christopher Chocolates is located on the Philadelphia Main Line in Newtown Square.

Newtown Square, PA


More Info

General Information

Christopher Chocolates, a fine confectioner located since 1986 on the Philadelphia Mainline. We produce our own unique candy products but also sell a broad range of candy and snacking delights. We also specialize in Gift Baskets that have delighted generations.

Our Registry

Please use the form attached to be signed on our executive registry. This will keep you posted on special calendar events and offers exclusive to our most favored customers.

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